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Assignment 4 - Soci 332 American Military university Statistics for social science



Enter your answers in the spaces provided. Save the file using your last name as the beginning of the file name (e.g., Krieger_SOCI332_Weekly Assignment 4.doc) and submit via “Assignments.” When appropriate, show your work. You can do the work by hand, scan/take a digital picture, and attach that file with your work.

1. Consider the study of the effect of a teaching method designed to increase the probability of successful completion of a statistics course on the self-esteem of students in the course.

Again, for the normally distributed known population, the Population M = 63 and the Population SD = 12.

What is the estimated effect size for samples that have completed the treatment and have means of (a) 54, (b) 57, © 60, (d) 71, and (e) 78?

For each sample mean, indicate whether the effect is approximately small, medium, or large.

(Pop1 M – Pop2 M) / Pop SD
Estimated Effect Size
Effect Size








For this assignment you will be using the GSS.

The Crosstabs command produces frequency distributions for multiple variables. This command is useful for describing samples where the mean is not useful (that is, nominal or ordinal scales) and as a method for getting a feel for your data.

To run crosstabs:

Click Analyze, then Descriptive Statistics, then Crosstabs. A dialog box will appear with your variables on the left-hand side and a Row(s) box, Column(s) box, and Layer 1 of 1 box. Remember that your dependent variable goes into rows and your independent variable goes into the column. Move the independent variable (e.g. SEX, RACE, INCOME) to the Row(s) box, and the dependent variable (use an attitude-variable that interests you) to the Columns(s) box. [If you wanted to analyze more than two variables, you would enter the third, fourth, fifth, etc., in the Layer 1 of 1 box].

Click on the Cells button in the bottom of the dialog box. This button allows you to specify percentages and other information that you would like from each combination of values. Once you click on Cells, another dialog box appears, select Observed under Counts; Row, Column, Total under Percentages then click on Continue. You will return to the Crosstabs dialog box, where you will click OK.


1. Your assignment is to run at least 3 crosstabs (with variables other than those in your final project), copy and paste them to this document and briefly explain each of them.

Submit the following files to the Drop Box no later than Sunday of Week 4:
⎫ Word file (this file) saved as [your last name]_SOCI332_Weekly Assignment 4.doc
⎫ SPSS output file (.spv) saved as [your last name]_SPSS-week4_output

The deadline for this assignment is 11:59 PM EST on Sunday of Week 4

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