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Soci 332 American Military university Statistics for social science


This website provides excellent help resources for help with AMU Soci 332 Statistics for social sciences.

Help is provided for all the weekly forums, weekly assignments and weekly tests.

SOCI 332 Statistics for Social Sciences is an advanced level course and requires a deeper understanding of the concepts in order to get the assignments and the weekly tests done along with the weekly forums.

Help is offered at this website and the testimonials posted at our website reflect the trust that our clients have in us.

Week 1 consists of Mean and variances along with calculation of z-scores. Week 2 deals wth inferential statistics with the help of correlation and prediction. Week 3 covers hypothesis testing and hypothesis test with means of samples. Moving on to week 4, the student is made proficient with making sense of statistical significance. Introduction to t test is covered in week 6 with analysis of variance in week 7. Week 8 deals with Chi-Square tests and also applying statistical methods in one's own research.

Excellent help is provided for all the above weeks. Help is also provided for 16 week course and while we assist to get awesome grads, you just relax and let us handle your queries.

Post your queries with your email ids where we can contact you.


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