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Week 3 forum - Soci 332 American Military university Statistics for social science


Initial discussion postings should be a minimum of 150 words. Each student must also respond to a minimum of 2 fellow students' original postings; each response must be at least 100 words in length.

Responses should directly address the question and be discerning about when the Forum is asking for a more objective (researched) answer vs. personal experience and opinion. I also highly encourage you to incorporate relevant supplemental material (i.e. an article, website, Youtube video, etc.)

Constructive criticism and honest assessment of each others' ideas is encouraged. Postings are expected to be substantive and in good taste (remember your Netiquette). By "substantive," I mean comments that contribute something new and hopefully important to the discussion. Thus a message that simply says "I agree" is not substantive. If you feel very strongly about it and wish to be supportive of your classmate, you can certainly post such a statement anyway - but please limit such comments as there are few things more boring to read than discussions where 80% of the content is content-free! A substantive comment contributes a new idea or perspective, a good follow-up question to a point made, offers a response to a question, provides an example or illustration of a key point, points out an inconsistency in an argument, etc.

The deadline for this discussion assignment is 11:55pm ET on Thursday of this learning week. Two replies to your fellow students' posts must be completed by 11:55pm ET on Sunday of this learning week.

This week's main Forum requires you to answer the question completely and correctly to receive full credit.

By now you have decided on your research topics and justified why they deserve the attention of social science. You have even created and explained both frequency tables and histograms for your variables. You have also learned and practiced finding correlations between two variables. Now you will need to outline this study with a bit more detail; detail that can be studied by both you and future researchers who see your work.

Complete the following steps:

Find correlation data for your chosen variables (instructions in Assignment 2); post your findings (SPSS table and explanation)
Identify the following about your study:
​Research question
write out the Research Hypothesis & Null Hypothesis
​Explain why hypothesis testing is beneficial (no more than 4 sentences)
* Remember to export this to your project file which will be submitted at the conclusion of the class.


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