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forum week 1 AMU ACCT100 Accounting I American Military University


Financial Reporting Ethics

The tobacco companies have paid billions because of smoking-related illnesses. In particular, Philip Morris, a leading cigarette manufacturer, paid more than $3,000,000,000 in settlement payments in one year.


Suppose you are the chief financial officer (CFO) responsible for the financial statements of Philip Morris. What ethical issue would you face as you consider what to report in your company's annual report about the cash payments? What is the ethical course of action for you to take in this situation?
What are some of the negative consequences to Philip Morris for not telling the truth? What are some of the negative consequences to Philip Morris for telling the truth?

Instructions: Your initial response should be no less than 250 words with at least one scholarly journal reference (dictionary-type websites are excluded). Reply to at least two of your classmates. Replies to classmates should be a minimum of 100 words and include direct questions. In-text citations and references must be in APA format. Refer to the Forum Grading Rubric below for additional guidelines.

Initial Post Due: Sunday by 11:55 pm ET*
Replies to Classmates Due: Sunday by 11:55 pm ET

Make sure you are using credible sources in your discussions and assignments. Scholarly journals are the preferred source of credible/quality references. These consist of peer-reviewed articles published in academic journals related to the field, which are found via our Library. Websites such as Investopedia, ask.com, answers.com, or dictionary-type of websites limit the insight to the topics. Wikipedia is not acceptable as it is not a reliable, credible source of reference. The purpose is to bring in new information and how does it apply to our topic from a real-world perspective, instead of extending on definitions that are found in the book.

More information what a credible source consists of can be found here: http://writingcommons.org/evidence/suppo...ble-source.

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