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AMU MATH 110 College Algebra

AMU MATH 110 college algebra is an eight week or sixteen week online course. Concepts related to analytical geometry, trigonometry, calculus, polynomials are among many others which are taught in this class.

AMU MATH 125 Math for liberal art

AMU MATH 125 Math for liberal art majors is an online course that offers student who are from non technical bacgkround , math education. Problem solving is at the core of this course and this is what makes this course so special.

AMU MATH 111 College Trigonometry

AMU MATH 111 College Trigonometry is an extension of the course and concepts taught in classes like math 110 college algebra AMU. Various topics in trigonometry are covered and application in real life situations is taught in this course.

AMU MATH 302 Statistics

AMU MATH 302 Statistics is a 16 week online course that empowers students to better understand the statistical methods and models which they can put to use in their career as well as life. Basic familiarity with Microsoft Excel is expected from the students who take this course.

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